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Red & White felt heart

Felt Hearts

Our felt hearts come in a variety of colours and styles. Each one is hand-made with each stitch hand-sewn. Perfect for hanging from windows, bulletin boards and of course - the Christmas tree! No two are alike. Each stuffed heart is about 3" wide by 1" deep. Please send a message through our contact page for your desired colours!

Each costs $10 (CAD) + $4 shipping.

Rainbow hearts come in a background of red, cream, or black. Please go to contact page and indicate what colour you would like if different from above.

Rainbow heart

thank goodness Online Store

Multiple copies of the book may require a higher postage cost. We will contact you with the final cost.

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About this Book:

     Two words that should never go together are "children" and "death." Unfortunately, there will come a time in many children's lives when someone they care about dies. It could be a person, or a family pet - and it still hurts.

     Our youngest ones might get lost in the busy-ness of adults around them preparing to say a final goodbye.

    This is an inter-active book created to help adults begin a conversation with children aged 3-8 years old. The narrator, Jamie, asks questions that will help a child talk about the person (or pet) who has died and formulate ideas around what happens next.

      Jamie - who can be either a girl or a boy - tells readers their family has told them about a place called heaven.

     The illustrations are masterfully drawn by Mi'kmaw designers Kaylyn and Kassidy Bernard of We'koqma'q First Nation in Cape Breton.


Multiple copies of the book will require higher postage costs.

We will contact you with the final price.

Looking for some new games and icebreakers to play at your next meeting or workshop?

   This booklet contains 26 ideas for you to try that will help your group get to know one another and have a lot of fun!

    Only $10 per booklet (plus postage), but worth so much more in hours of clean adult fun!

    Get ready to laugh and play!

26 Games