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"I Lost Someone I Love"

Our latest booklet is a must-have for all churches, funeral homes, etc. How to talk about death with the very young among us is always a difficult discussion. Hopefully, this inter-active story will help you and the children aged 3-8 in your life navigate these troubled waters. Cost is $10 (CAD)+ $4 shipping. (Even for multiple copies)

26 Games & Icebreakers for Groups & Gatherings

You really have to plan for some fun at your groups and gatherings. 

   This Vol. 1 is a compilation of different ways you can help your groups of people get to know one another in a fun way.

A "must-have" for all churches and businesses looking to help people get in touch with their playful side.

Felt Hearts

Our felt hearts come in a variety of colours and styles. Each one is hand-made with each stitch hand-sewn. Perfect for hanging from windows, bulletin boards and of course - the Christmas tree! No two are alike. Each stuffed heart is about 3" wide by 4" deep.

Each costs $10 (CAD) + $4 shipping.

Books! Books! Books!

    Check back often to see what books we have on hand for sale. 

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Here you will find informational booklets, small, handmade crafts, and second-hand books emphasizing a spiritual and positive outlook. Scroll down the page and take a look at our collection below!