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If you have questions or suggestions, please refer to our contact details below to reach us.

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How to Buy a Sermon

    Each of our sermons are around 1,300 words and take about ten minutes to preach as they are written.

    We invite you to use them as a beginning to your own message on those weeks when you just need a bit of help to come up with your own weekly sermon.

    The beginning of the sermons have been provided for you. The whole sermon also includes suggestions for a youth story at the end. Sermons are provided within a couple of hours of ordering - if not right away. Hours are 9 am - 9 pm (EST)

We Buy Sermons

Do you have a sermon you would like to submit? We pay a one-time fee of $20 for each sermon ($25 if accompanied by a short suggestion for a youth story).

At "thank goodness," we know how busy you are. Below, are sermons on upcoming lectionary texts that may help you with your Sunday morning. Last-minute help is right here at your fingertips. Use these sermons to jump-start your meditative process as you put them into your own words for help to spread the Good News.

For just a small fee of $5.00 you can access our sermons and meditations. Once we receive payment, we will e-mail you the complete sermon PLUS a suggested Youth story.

John 1:43-51 -"Listening - and Hearing!"

Psalm 139-"Known by God"

Sunday Jan. 17

Epiphany 2

Sermon based on John 1:43-51

Listening - and Hearing!

You know, I was thinking this week, if I told people that I was hearing voices … they would want to know more about that. Especially if it was my doctor! She would want to explore this with me … “what do I mean I hear voices; where am I hearing these voices; what are they saying?”

   “Are the voices inside my head … or coming from outside talking to me? Do other people hear these voices?”

    And yet, as Christians, our vocabularies are full of this kind of communication: we pray to someone we can’t see. Often, in the privacy of our own homes or in an empty chapel, we pray out loud!

    We are guided by someone or something unseen; we talk about being “called.” What? What does that mean? By whom; called to do what? What does it sound like … am I hearing “Things?”

    Are Christians nuts? I’ll leave you to answer that for yourself. I think you’re all just fine … quite wonderful actually… a little “odd” some of us … but as my Scottish (Glaswegian) grandmother always said when she heard something that would make her shake her head in puzzlement – "All the world's a little strange save thee and me; and even thee's a little queer!" (Robbie Burns)


John 1:43-51

Sunday Jan. 17

Epiphany 2

Sermon based on Psalm 139

Known by God

How does it make you feel that God knows you? How does it make you feel that before a word is on your tongue, the Lord knows it completely? How does it make you feel that you can never escape the spirit of God?

I don’t know how it makes you feel – but I can tell you how its supposed to make you feel! … It’s supposed to give you comfort.

If you feel fear and foreboding, then all I can say is that you don’t quite understand the nature of our God – the One who thought us up, designed and created us, and loves us beyond anything we can imagine.

Here’s a marvelous thought: Some theologians believe that someone as young as a baby or toddler has a memory of God … That if they could speak, they would tell us what God is like … because they have been in the presence of the Holy Spirit. They are still close enough to God and their minds are still uncluttered enough to remember being in It’s presence.

And … if you look at our babies, they don’t look too terrorized by the experience, do they?

Oh … if only our babies and toddlers could talk with language that could explain their pre-birth memories… what stories they might tell!  .... more

Psalm 139

Sunday Jan. 24

Epiphany 3

Sermon based on 



H.. .... more

Mark 1:14-20

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