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Matthew 22:15-22 -- "Pay Up!"

 Exodus 33:12-23  --"The Face of God"

Sunday Oct. 18 - Pentecost 20

Sermon based on Matthew 22:15-22

Pay Up!

Don’t we hate paying taxes! Oh, we understand WHY we should all pay taxes – but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. And when we do fork over our hard-earned money to the government – we want to see what it is they have done with it.

   We want to see paved roads, good health care, great schools, and a bit of money left over for the emergencies that might come along – both here in our own country and in countries far, far away.

   This past year, our taxes paid to help all those who lost their jobs or livelihoods because of Covid-19 … and as Canadians, we were generally okay with that, because there is hardly a family anywhere that isn’t adversely affected by the necessary shut down of business and schools.

   So, it appears that people have been paying taxes for at least two millenia … we get used to it.

   But today’s scripture is about more than just paying taxes. It’s about power. They are asking Jesus about who he pays his allegiance to: to Caesar, or to God. And the thing is, no matter which answer he gives, he will anger somebody! He could anger either the leaders of the land, or the people who are looking to him for saving.

   The Pharisees are trying to trap Jesus into making a mistake – one that is so large, it can’t be ignored. They are trying to trick him – but they don’t realize how well he can play their own game.

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Matthew 22:15-22

Sunday Oct. 18 - Pentecost 20

Sermon based on 


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Luke 17:11-19

Sunday Oct. 25 - Pentecost 21

Sermon based on 

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Exodus 3:1-15

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