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Mom Pays Homage to Schitt's Creek with costumes

Teacher reaps Sunflower Gift from Student

Esther - Canada's Wonder Pig

Halifax Teen aims to make 200 Masks

Appreciation for the Common Field Daisy

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At thank goodness, we want you to be inspired by all the good things happening in the world. We want you to be able to use our stories as illustrations you can take to meetings, use in church sermons, or in any way that you find helpful. Each article is followed by a "thought" about what spiritual "good news" it demonstrates. Check back often because our stories change several times a month.

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A photo of the gorgeous Cabot Trail in Cape Breton in the Fall. Thousands of tourists come to Cape Breton to take in the musical Celtic Colours Festival at the same time as they can view the spectacular colours of a Canadian autumn.

Fiddle music is to be found any time on Cape Breton Island - but especially during Celtic Colours.

                                             Photo taken in 2016 by Steve Wadden.

Welcome to Celtic Colours At Home!

If you’ve ever put Cape Breton’s “Celtic Colours” festival on your bucket list, this is definitely the year you can be there – at least virtually. As with many other festivals, this year’s event has had to be cancelled to the thousands who usually flock to the pretty Island every Fall for the cornucopia of music and nature’s visual artistry.

   However, you can still have a front row seat when some of the world’s finest musicians share the small stage with Cape Breton’s best singers, dancers, players, story-tellers and culture-bearers as they are livestreamed right into your homes!

   Whether it’s Gaelic singing, Cape Breton fiddling, local dance traditions, or world-class bagpiping, you can choose whatever it is you like to hear and see.

   Organizers hope you’ll tune in and enjoy the Celtic Colours experience online from Oct. 9-30.

   Tune in each night of the Festival and enjoy concerts streaming live from Cape Breton Island.

7:00PM ADT • Pre-Show with Margie & Dawn Beaton

7:30PM ADT • Nightly Concerts

10:00PM ADT • Festival Club on Saturday, October 10 & Saturday, October 17

   Whether you are watching on your home computer, laptop, phone or tablet; streaming to your TV via Chromecast, Roku or other such device; or using the YouTube or Facebook app on your smart TV, you can tune in to the concerts, and the pre-show, through the Celtic Colours website (, on YouTube ( and Facebook (

And the Good News is: God has blessed us all with such a variety of things! Musical talent is certainly one of the most appreciated talents everywhere on earth! And it is presented to us in such a variety of styles. What a gift! And of course, for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are so grateful for the Autumn show of colour that spreads across the earth.

   We should be immensely grateful for these particular blessings - and especially because they are all available to us at no cost! Turn on a radio, walk down a boardwalk, invite a talented friend to sing - and our spirits are raised by melodious sounds! And of course, no matter what time of the year it is, God provides us with views and vistas and sights and sounds that can explode right in front of us at any time! Changing leaves, fall flowers, beautiful sunrises and sunsets - these are all gifts to us. In the quiet moments of your day, just close your eyes and say a little prayer that essentially says to the One who Created us: "Thanks for everything!" 

Mom pays homage to Schitt's Creek with creative costumes

What an ADORABLE photo taken by a South Carolina Mom and artist, Lauren Mancke. She is a renowned costume-maker who made these for her three kids as an homage to the Canadian show "Schitt's Creek" after its amazing sweep of the 2020 Emmy Award's Show earlier in September.

    Her 3-year-old twin, Marigold and Lera are mother-daughter duo, Moira and Alexis Rose, while her 6-year-old son, Fox, does double duty as father-son duo, David and Johnny Rose. (doctored photo to make Fox appear twice!)

    Lauren makes costumes ever year and posts them on Facebook an d Instagram. This year's photo got noticed by the cast of Schitt's Creek who psoted their own appreciation of her creative way of honouring the show which ended this year.


Great things come from a little hard work - and a seed

    A wonderful story for the end of gardening season comes out of P.E.I. thanks to CBC. Earlier in the summer, 7-year-old Landon Jorritsma, of Meadowbank, PEI, was given a few sunflower seeds he could plant by his Grade 1 teacher, Loretta Anderson.

   Imagine Ms. Anderson’s surprise when – on the first day of school – Landon showed up with a sunflower that was so long, a vertical picture of it inside his classroom is near impossible!

   Of course, Landon is probably already a pretty good agriculturalist as he lives with his parents on the family’s beef farm. As a budding farmer, he would know that growing and tending takes work, patience, and care. And as he gave that to his little sunflower patch – Wow! Did they every grow – and grow!

   It is estimated that the one he brought to class was more than 3.6 metres in height.

   "I was really surprised, I never expected a sunflower that big or tall," Ms. Anderson said. "It was around 12-feet tall so when I saw it I was just amazed … and he was pretty proud of himself that he had grown that."

   The teacher said that she had hoped her students would learn about what little seeds can do and that it takes time and work to see the results.

   “It's not just something that happens instantly," she said.

   Landon says there are other sunflowers still back on the farm that are continuing to grow. And he wants to see just how big they can get.

   And the Good News is: It is so important for adults to continue to see the world through the eyes of children. We need to look at our surroundings with the wonder of a child like Landon who has seen proof that from a little seed – big things can grow! Just like the stories of the mustard seed and how faith the size of a seed can grow and grow – especially if it is tended to and taken care of.

Esther -Canada's social media powerhouse

   Want your daily smile? You have to check out Esther, the Wonder Pig – a real Canadian treasure!

    We thought we would check in on our true Canadian celebrity and beauty: Esther the Wonder Pig. We were very pleased to find that, at 8-years-old now, she is doing very well and still enjoying her life in Campbellville, Ont.

     Have you heard her story? Two young men named Steve and Derek were offered a tiny, “micro pig” who needed a good home. Well, of course they took her! Trouble was – she didn’t stop growing at “micro” size! In fact, she kept growing to the point where she outgrew the men’s home and they had to buy a little farm!

     It’s turned out just wonderful for all three of them and assorted other pets in the household. Esther has become the most famous pig in Canada and has her own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Website pages!

    And trust me – she is quite a character! She loves to dress up, to sleep, and to eat, eat, eat!

     If you want to follow her escapades and search her store for all things Esther and pink piggy, just google “Esther the Wonder Pig” and check her out.

 Esther the Wonder Pig relaxes in her home after a busy day at work as one of Canada's biggest media stars!

And the Good News is: As we explore all that Esther has to gift us with - joy, laughter, amusement, gratitude, etc. - we are reminded that in the Bible, we are told that God created animals before they created humankind! That was how much God loves the animals of the earth, birds of the sky and fish of the sea. It's no wonder, then, that we are all called to be good stewards of the land and help maintain and sustain every living creature on earth! 

   Did you ever give an animal a "forever home?" Or have you helped raise funds for organizations that take care of animals? Did you know that even as simple as throwing your Christmas tree way out in the backyard every year, you are providing shelter for the wild little ones? Do you have any other ideas about how to help improve the quality of life for all God's Holy life?

 Thirteen-year-old uses skills to protect others

   According to a CBC report by Emma Smith out of the East Coast, a 13-year-old from Halifax has been making masks to protect her family, and has been kept busy supplying others with her one-of-a-kind, colourful kente cloth creations.

     Damini Awoyiga uses African-patterned material she got from her grandmother to make the masks. The patterns have deep meaning in African culture. It comes in a colourful mix of yellows, blues and blacks.

    So far, Damini estimates she has made 200 masks, but figures more are in her future, since Nova Scotia implemented a mandatory mask policy on July 31.

     "Wearing masks can be sweaty and hot, but it will keep the people around us, and us, safe from COVID-19," she said.

     The province is distributing free masks at public places including local libraries and provincial museums. Private retailers are also handing out masks at their doors.

(With reporting from Emma Smith - CBC)

The Good News is: 

It doesn't matter how old we are - from three to 103 - there is always something we can do to help others. What skills do you have that can improve another person's day?

The Daisy - 

Always Raising our Spirits

The Daisy is such a bright flower and often raises our spirits.

   Our modern name for the flower actually comes from its Old English name, “day’s eye,” which became shortened down to what we know it as today. It was called this for its resemblance to an eye, as it closed for night-time and opened up again in the morning, hence the saying “fresh as a daisy” for someone feeling bright and chirpy in the morning.

   Traditionally, they symbolize youthful innocence. This might stem from an old Celtic legend that says whenever an infant died, God sprinkled daisies over the earth to cheer the parents up.

   Just looking at a daisy, gives off positive vibes! It’s a good thing they can be found in every continent on earth except Antarctica. And, it is thought there are more than 12,000 species of daisies on earth!

   They are actually two flowers in one! The bright yellow centre is made up of tiny petals, and it is ringed with white petals (or sometimes yellow or pink.)

Our traditional field, or shasta daisies, seem so happy, with their sun-like center surrounded by delicate white petals. They look like miniature suns with their bright beams shining through the green of a meadow.

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